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Deathsploration 2019

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

In honor of Deathsploration 2019, I've created a new collection of macro photography titled, "In Death There is Beauty." These fourteen photos illustrate the stunning beauty of death in nature that might not be noticed with the naked eye. The earthy, muted tones bring forth stories of transition, from autumn leaves and seed pods to raging fires. This collection showcases the feeling of both certainty and uncertainty present as one thing ends and another begins. Please see the gallery below.

I will be selling 8"x12" prints in mats and frames at the Deathsploration Community Resource and Art Fair Nov. 2 at Camp Long, West Seattle. Get them while they're hot because the event is only 11am to 5 pm!

For more details about the event, visit A Sacred Passing's event page.

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