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I'm also a photographer.

My name is Leigh Ann Johnson.

I am a maker, mother, and activist.  In my many careers I’ve traveled the world working for Semester at Sea, taught children in the Dominican Republic, developed luggage and backpacks for REI, and designed test methods for Bristol-Myers Squibb. But art and photography have always drawn me in.

My goal is to create unexpected, yet true-to-life photographs.  I aim to focus on details we may normally gloss over and through poetry, add another layer of meaning to my photos. I hope that my photographs challenge or resonate deeply with the viewer in some way. I believe that every photo sends a message about what we value in our society.  What we include or exclude in our photos is influenced by our culture, politics, and unconscious biases. I seek to create inclusive, anti-bias photography that opens viewers’ minds to experiences they may not have considered.  I seek to show the beauty in nature and humankind that needs to be protected. I seek to make the invisible visible. I seek social and environmental justice through art.

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