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Improve your life.

Proud Autistic Coaching offers one-on-one guidance for autistic adults to work through challenges such as overwhelm, masking, and internalized ableism to reach a place of empowerment and pride.



Are you an autistic adult who feels stuck in your life, beaten down by a society that doesn’t respect or value you? I’ve been there and felt like I had nowhere to turn for help after getting my autism diagnosis in my early 40s. So I developed a framework based on my own experiences and research to offer others the support I struggled to find. 


Through weekly or bi-weekly virtual coaching sessions, I’ll support you in:

  • Leveraging awareness of your unique brain and body to increase energy and emotional well-being through building the perfect global self-care plan for you.

  • Living a more authentic life through autistic pride and understanding your own needs.

  • Increasing your success and confidence in your relationships and career through unmasking, empowerment, and boundary setting.

  • Setting and reaching individualized goals to live the amazing life you deserve!


Ditch the struggle of living as an unsupported autistic adult in a neurotypical-centered society and embrace the power and freedom of honoring your true self as a strong, proud individual.

Leigh Ann Johnson is a white, non-binary, autistic mother of two kids and two cats in Seattle, WA who uses she/they pronouns. She is a certified life coach through the International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches and holds an A.A., a B.S., and an M.Ed. Her interests include social justice activism, gardening, fiber arts, hiking, reading, musicals, and drag. 

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